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4 Coastal Style Ideas to Modernise Your Beach House


Nothing says summer fun like taking off for a coastal getaway when the hot weather hits, but overly thematic beach houses can ruin your vibe by looking tacky or outdated. Whether you rent out your beachfront property over the summer or are lucky enough to be staying in it, these style ideas from Mal Glanville & Co will help you bring your beach house into the modern era while still staying faithful to the coastal aesthetic.

  1. Keep it simple
    One of the biggest appeals of coastal interiors is how breezy and serene they seem, so do your best to minimise clutter. Keep accessories to a select few that stand out on their own and follow a sleek, almost minimalist layout when it comes to arranging your furniture. This will help keep the space feeling effortless and airy.
  2. Play with texture
    Think about the way rocks plucked from a tidepool feel in your hand, or the sensation of digging your toes into the sand. Going to the beach is such a tactile experience, it would be a shame not to incorporate some of its textures into your design choices. Bleached driftwood can be used to make unique furniture, linen is a classic lightweight option for cushion covers, and you can’t go wrong with a handful of elegant bowls or vases made from clear or coloured sea glass.
  3. Nautical but new
    Think chic rather than cliche when adding nautical touches to your space. If you have any classic nautical stripe pieces, consider making the simple change of using indigo instead of the medium-light sailor blue we’ve all seen before. If you don’t like blue, you can use sandy beige, light peach or tan shades instead. Finally, remember that less is more, especially when accessories are involved – an understated watercolour painting here, a discreetly patterned throw blanket there, and a small scattering of seashell garnishes on shelves are the perfect subtle nod to nautical style without going overboard.
  4. Let there be light
    An important factor in creating a feeling of relaxed breeziness is making sure your house is getting adequate light and airflow. Natural light helps to make rooms feel bigger by illuminating and opening up your space, especially if you stick to a light colour palette when decorating the walls, floors, and furnishings. You can also increase light in your beach house by choosing the right style of shades for your windows and doors, like sheer billowy curtains or slatted timber Venetian blinds and shutters.

Mal Glanville & Co have an extensive range of blinds to fit any beach house’s style and lighting requirements. We?ve been styling properties all over the Central Coast, Newcastle and Hunter Valley regions for almost 50 years, so for an expert shade recommendation or installation, feel free to get in touch! Contact us via our website, email, or call (02) 4323 1500.

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