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Amplimesh® Security Products From Mal Glanville

For over 50 years, the team at Mal Glanville have been committed to finding the highest performing security products for residential and commercial properties across the Central Coast and Newcastle area, delivery peace of mind and value for money. Which is why we stock a comprehensive range of Amplimesh security products.

In this blog, we explore some of the pieces in our collection and how they can benefit your home.

A Bit about Amplimesh

Amplimesh also share a rich history in Australia. Since their establishment in 1965, they have helped over two million properties across the country become more secured with a selection of security doors and window screens. They are backed by Capral Aluminium, who have for over 75 years led the industry in terms of research and development, producing measures that make it has hard as possible for intruders to enter your home.

Security Screen Doors

Defend your property against nefarious forces with Amplimesh 127 Diamond Grille, IntrudaGuard®? and SupaScreen® security screen doors.

Many security measures can impact the style and practicalities of your home, which is why Amplimesh have designed their high-strength, high-durability security screen doors to not only protect your home, but also work towards complementing its aesthetics. Ideal as designer front entries or stacking sliding doors, IntrudaGuard® and SupaScreen® doors are:

Window Security Screens

Ensuring your doorways are secure is only part of the solution when building protection for your property. Windows are also viable entrances for potential intruders, which is why Amplimesh also offer IntrudaGuard® and SupaScreen® window security screens. Perfect for high windows with fall prevention technology and Pool Regulation, these feature:

If you would like to learn more about our Amplimesh range, contact (02) 4323 1500 today.