Folding Arm Awnings


Folding Arm Awnings are designed to create a temporary shaded area while entertaining.

Practical for Patio areas when guests are over and need to create a UV & Heat protected space come Summer and keep retracted come Winter to allow the area to warm up.

Available in Standard, Semi Cassette or Full Cassette Systems.

Recommended Acrylic Fabric is used as it is designed to be flexible and filter natural light while providing UV & Heat Protection.

  • Operations can be a Crank Winder, and motorised with Somfy or Alpha Motors
  • Motorised Options come with a Wind & Motion Sensor to retract the Awnings in when winds reach a certain setting
  • Variable Pitch is available for most Systems designed to give you the ability to manipulate the angle the Awning extends out
  • Manufactured to provide uninterrupted views above rather than a fixed Awning option
  • Valances are optionally designed to give more Privacy & UV protection when entertaining
  • Can be manufactured up to spans of 7 metres wide & 4 metre projections in Cassette Systems
  • Up to 12 metres wide & 4 metre Projection in a Standard System
  • Available in a range of Hardware Colours and can be powder coated upon request
  • Cassettes or Headboxes are ideal for keeping all operational hardware & Fabrics concealed and protected from the elements
  • Designed to stop at any projection making it practical to allow additional light to filter through
  • Backed with a 5 Year Warranty

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