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The Benefits Of Amplimesh Security Products

We all want our property and family to be safe, that is why so many people invest in security doors and windows. As authorised installers and dealers of Amplimesh, we understand what good quality security products look like, how they work, and more so, how they can provide the peace of mind you need.

Depending on what type of security door or window you are looking for, you may have considered a range of brands available on the market. However, being both tried and tested, Amplimesh is without a doubt one of the leading competitors in the race to protect your home. Here are some of the reasons why we proudly back Amplimesh.

Strong & Secure

Amplimesh are tested against Australian Standards for maximum impact and shear resistance and meet all requirements. The products compete against multiple other security screen companies and are regularly chosen for their dependability, and reliability in withstanding the impact of 800 joules. This is extremely comforting for residents as realistically; 800 joules is way past the capabilities of any intruder.

Designed to last

Our range of Amplimesh products are designed to keep intruders, flying and crawling bugs and pests out of your house and there are a range of screens to suit all types of needs. The SupaScreen doors and windows are made of high tensile 316 stainless steel mesh with a marine-grade coating suitable for beach areas and have a Bal 40 rating to meet council requirements for those in high fire zones. The 127 Diamond Grilles are available in a range of mesh’s such as paw proof, aluminium, stainless steel, fibreglass or vision mesh, and the IntrudaGuard Grilles are specially tempered 5052 marine-grade aluminium and come with a Bal 29 for high fire zones.

Endless versatility

Amplimesh security doors and windows are perfect for any area and any property. Whether you want to have folding doors that open to a patio or veranda or single hinged door in your entrance, the possibilities are nigh. Not only does Amplimesh create safe and secure products that stop unwanted guests entering your home, but they also ensure that each product looks great. There is no longer a need to sacrifice the aesthetic of your property for the safety of all who dwell within it.

Invest in Quality Security Screens

Amplimesh security products offer you a true sense of safety without obstructing your view of the flow of fresh air. As installers and dealers of the brand, Mal Glanville can help you make the best decision for your property. Get in touch with our team today to discuss your Amplimesh needs.