Benefits of New Coreless Technology from Alpha Motors – Stocked by Mal Glanville & Co


Since 1975, Mal Glanville & Co have been a family owned & operated enterprise, dedicated to offering and installing premium window furnishings and security products throughout the Central Coast and Hunter Regions. In that time, we have cultivated extensive knowledge surrounding the best products for our customers, stocking only the finest brands in the industry – one of those being Alpha Motors.

In this blog, the team explore some of the benefits from our Alpha Motors products, and their new, revolutionary coreless technology.

Motorised blinds

In the past, blind retailers have been embarrassed to quote motorisation for blinds and awnings. The reason for this was the high price of motors. Not anymore. Mal Glanville & Co now offer the Alpha range of motors with new coreless technology for internal blinds and external awnings. Alpha Motors are one of the leading brands in Australia and are a high-quality product. Thanks to this new technology, there have never been quieter, simpler and more cost-effective models on the market. These motors come with a seven-year replacement warranty and are age tested to 25 years. Blinds and awnings are supplied with Alpha Navigator remotes. These stylish remotes will look the part in any elegant home, with stainless steel edge trim and a near invisible magnetic wall mount.

Rechargeable battery motors

For internal blinds, we are now offering the new Alpha rechargeable battery motor. These motors are quiet and efficient and, depending on the size of the blind, only need to be charged on average once a year, boasting an average of 750 cycles per charge.

Home automation

The future is now, and as a result, home automation is becoming increasingly more popular. Voice activation is at the forefront of this surge, with Google Homes and Amazon Alexas flooding the market. To accommodate forward-thinking homes, we can now offer you the Alpha Neo hub. This small hub will let you operate your blinds from your smartphone or tablet from anywhere in the world. It also allows you to set up schedules, so your blinds can open and close at predetermined times. You can then also link your Google Home or Amazon Alexa to the hub, which will allow voice activation of your blinds. Simply say “Hey Google, open kitchen blind” or “Hey Google, close all blinds.” It has never been easier to control the ambiance of your home.

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