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The Benefits Of Plantation Shutters For Your Home

The trend for installing plantation shutters in homes is seeing an increase over the past couple of months. As more Australians contemplate home renovations and improving the aesthetics of their home, window coverings have become an important element.

If you’re contemplating plantation shutters for your own home, we have compiled some of the advantages of having them installed.

Great for Both Winter & Summer Weather

Plantation shutters are great for trapping heat during colder days but can also reduce heat on a hot summer afternoon. The overlapping louvre design acts as another layer to your windows and help keep the warm air inside when shut. However, during summer days you can rotate the clades to reflect sunlight away from the windows, which reduces the amount of solar energy that comes in through the glass. This feature makes plantation shutters an extremely versatile option when it comes to managing heat and temperature in the house.

Easy to Clean & Maintain

Plantation shutters are also fairly easy to clean. Your main concern is to ensure you remove all the debris and dust on the shutters. This can be easily accomplished with a soft cloth or with a soft brush vacuum attachment. You shouldn’t be using too much water on your shutters and if you do, it’s important to dry them as soon as you can.

Giving your shutters a clean once a month is a great way to ensure beauty and longevity.

Suits Many Different Types of Designs & Themes

Plantation shutters can also fit the theme and aesthetic of many different homes. First of all, they come in many different colours so if there’s a specific colour palette you’re after, you’re able to find one that matches. Due to their simplistic and elegant design, they can add a natural look to minimalist homes.

However, these shutters can also work with rustic interior, country-style homes and Victorian themed homes. There is an endless array of choices when it comes to styling your home with plantation shutters. They also work well in bedrooms, living rooms and kitchens, it gives you a great chance to really use your creativity with interior design.

Find plantation shutters that match your home

To learn more about the different plantation shutter designs, don’t hesitate to talk to the experts at Mal Glanville & Co. We have a range of available options, from Polysatin Plantation Shutters to Basswood Plantation Shutters and more – we are here to provide you with the best choices in interior design.

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