Whats The Difference Between Blinds And Shutters?

Whether you’re looking to fit out a new house or wanting to renovate your home, you might quickly realise that choosing window coverings is a lot more difficult than you initially thought. This is largely because there are two great options that you’ll inevitably have to choose between: blinds and shutters.

Both blinds and shutters filter light, shut out noise, permit air flow and improve privacy, so what exactly are the differences between the two? These options can cause a bit of confusion for people shopping around for window coverings, so here, Mal Glanville & Co. take a look at both blinds and shutters to give you a better idea of what might be the right choice for you.

Why You Might Want To Go With Shutters

Unlike blinds, which are attached to a window recess, shutters are generally attached to the window frame itself. Homeowners looking to introduce a window covering designed to exacting specifications might be more inclined to look into shutters. Although they can be a pricier option depending on the material and style you choose, their durability should also mean they’re treated as an investment.

In a practical sense, shutters have slats that can be adjusted to let in certain amounts of light, air and noise which allows for much greater control of ambient temperatures.

Shutters come in a variety of manufacturing materials, such as aluminium, timber, vinyl and PVC, and designs, with plantation shutters perhaps being the most popular.

Unlike blinds, shutters can be installed on either the interior or the exterior of a house, which offers even greater flexibility and may better suit people who prioritise privacy.

Why Blinds Might Be A Better Choice For You

Despite there still being a lot of options available, blinds are usually a more affordable option than shutters and will therefore often be a better choice for people on a budget.

Despite being less expensive much of the time, blinds can still suit any design need and personality. This is because they can be made from fabric, aluminium, timber and plastic in all sorts of colours and designs, meaning you’ll still be completely spoilt for choice.

As with shutters, blinds come in a wide variety of forms, with some of the most common styles including the following:

  • Venetian blinds
  • Roller blinds
  • Panel glides
  • Vertical blinds
  • Roman blinds

They also remain a practical choice ? blinds also still offer much of the fantastic temperature and light control that shutters provide to help keep homes cooler during the warmer months in Australia.

Want to know more? Talk to our team today about blinds and shutters. We can help find the best solution for your needs.

Will Blinds Keep Heat Out?

Those looking to keep sweltering Australian heat out have likely looked through a variety of options and have found many of them to be prohibitively expensive. One of the most affordable solutions, however, are humble window blinds.

How effective are they at keeping heat out, though? In this article, we investigate.

How Window Blinds Work To Keep You Cooler

Despite their simple design, window blinds can work quite well to block out heat during the Australian summer. This works through adjusting the slats in a way that best controls glare, light and a great deal of the resulting heat created by the sun.

If you choose horizontal blinds, it is also possible to angle them so that they reflect light onto your ceiling. This way, you’re still able to make the most of natural light as you diffuse the related heat. 

Will All Blinds Achieve The Same Result?

With so many options out there when it comes to blinds – particularly when it comes to the materials used – it’s hardly surprising that some window blinds perform better than others.

It is generally the case that bulky window blinds reduce heat much better than their slim counterparts. It is also the case that lighter blinds also reflect more heat, making them a superior choice when compared to darker shades.

Similarly, blackout roller blinds will do a better job than flimsier blinds at keeping out heat due to them basically being a solid sheet when down.

How Do Window Blinds Perform In Winter?

Although they do an admirable job of keeping out the heat in summer, blinds are usually less effective at keeping the warmth in during winter. This is because the slats of the blinds offer many points at which heat may be lost, but that shouldn’t suggest that all blinds are bad for heat retention during winter.

Honeycomb blinds are specifically designed to create a seal around to prevent heat loss during the colder months by trapping warm air in pockets for long periods of time.

Should You Invest In Insulating Blinds?

If you’re looking to keep cooler in summer, spending a little bit more on blinds that keep the heat out can help quickly drive your energy bill down. So, even if they might be a little bit more expensive now, sometimes the more expensive option pays for itself! To get your tailored quote for blinds, get in touch with the Mal Glanville & Co. team today.

Choosing the Colour of Your Blinds

Like all home d’cor choosing the right colour palette for your blinds is a fun task that allows you to sprinkle some personality into spaces, and tie the aesthetic of rooms together, but it can also be a challenging task. As you will likely be living with the same window blinds for many years to come, you need to be sure you are making the right choice for now and the future ? especially if you have plans to update your home or re-design certain rooms at a later date. 

There is a lot to consider when it comes to the colour of your blinds, and it?s important to put in some research time so you can make the best decision possible. To make the process simpler, we have compiled some tips to help you choose the most suitable palette for your home.

Neutral tones for added light

For a softer and lighter look, choosing a neutral tone such as white or cream will allow more natural light to enter the room and keep it looking bright all day long. Neutral tone blinds are commonly chosen for kitchens and living rooms but you can also use them in your bedroom if you would like more light in the morning. Whites and creams are a sophisticated choice and work extremely well with modern homes.

Dark colours for boldness

Creating a moody, contemporary vibe in your home can be easily achieved with dark coloured blinds. If you want to enhance an art deco home, highlight the industrial style of your brick apartment or contrast with your neutral furnishings, choosing black, grey or timber blinds can create a stunning statement. You can also tie the darker hues in with bold furniture to create a truly modern aesthetic.

Bright hues for vibrancy

If you want to go all out and add huge pops of colour into your home, then choosing brightly coloured blinds is the perfect way to do so. Making your blinds the centre piece of colour in your living room or shared spaces adds personality, and can be a fantastic talking point. Depending on your style, you can go as bright as you please, and get the hue that speaks to you the most. Just be sure to not overwhelm the space with furnishings ? the less furniture in the same colour, the more impact the blinds will have.

Get the right coloured blinds for you

If you know exactly what colour blinds you want, or are still deciding, talk to our expert team at Mal Glanville & Co. We can help you find the best hue and style for your individual needs. Get in touch with us today.

Why Choose to Install Motorisation Systems for Your Home Awnings & Blinds?

Innovative technology continues to impress by making everyday activities much more efficient and convenient. Even when it comes to blinds and awnings, the latest in digital technology has created automation systems to help enhance your living environment.

At Mal Glanville & Co, we stock home motorisation systems from two of the leading brands: Somfy & Alpha Motors. In this blog, we explore why investing in products from either of these brands can help increase the functionality of your window coverings and offer flexible solutions unlike manual systems.

Ease & Convenience

There is nothing quite like being able to control the lighting in your home simply with the touch of a button or with a voice command. Brands like Somfy and Alpha Motors make this possible. Somfy offers one single remote to control all Somfy products, the option for controlling your blinds and awnings with your smartphone as well as voice control features that are compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Alpha Motors has even created an app called Alpha Neo which allows you to control motorised products individually, by area or across the entire house from anywhere in the world as long as you have internet connection. Having better control of your living space has never been easier.

Energy Efficiency & Time Saving

Motorised blinds come with sensors and timers that can be used to control when the blinds open and shut without you even thinking about it. You can set up your blinds to open when the sun is at its brightest to allow more heat in during winter. Or you can set timers for blinds to close as soon as the sun goes down, so you don’t have to worry about privacy in your home as soon as it gets dark. Somfy and Alpha Motors both have a range of sun, wind and temperature sensors that can manage this.

Longer Lifespan

Opening and closing blinds manually can have a negative effect on the blinds and cause damage more easily. With mortised blinds the power exerted on the blinds when opening and closing them is much more controlled. This in turn offers maximum functionality for the blinds while also increasing its lifespan.

Let Mal Glanville & Co. help you pick the perfect home motorisation product

Whatever home motorisation system you need, our team can help you out. Our Alpha Motors products come with a 7-year replacement warranty and all products are fully compliant to Australian standards. To find out more, give us a call on (02) 4323 1500.

3 Reasons Why Veri Shades Are Perfect for Your Home

Who doesn’t love the soft, graceful style of curtains? These draped window dressings are universally appreciated and can look good in any home, but unfortunately, they offer little control over how much light you’re letting in. They’re either open or closed, and there’s not much you can do about it.

Veri Shades are an innovative and sophisticated statement blind that pairs the functionality of a vertical blind with the gentle elegance of a curtain. They are ideal for windows of all shapes and sizes and are also an excellent solution for dressing sliding doorways and other large expanses. In this blog, Mal Glanville & Co explores the benefits of Veri Shades, both practical and aesthetic.

Best of both worlds
As mentioned above, Veri Shades offer both the attractive look of curtains and the ease of use as vertical blinds. The soft fabric of each panel hangs beautifully, and you can simply walk right through them, regardless of whether they’re opened or closed. There are no weights or connecting chains, meaning they sway out of the way easily and settle back into their original positions perfectly. This makes them perfect for creating a mellow window feature across openings of up to 6 metres.

Greater control over light and privacy
The versatile design of Veri Shades gives you the ability to effortlessly adjust your home’s light levels and visibility from the outside. Turning the wand one way rotates the translucent fabric panels to reduce UV rays, natural light and provide greater privacy, and the other way opens the mesh panels to allow more light through and to maintain your view. You can open Veri Shades halfway for filtered light or get full sunlight by drawing them all the way back like regular curtains.

Family-friendly and child-safe
No matter where your Veri Shades are going in your home, there are options for your lifestyle. Veri Shades are easy to clean and come in a range of moisture-resistant materials for bathrooms and fire-retardant fabrics for kitchens. Installation requires only a single track and the individual Fabric Panels. Cordless and chainless options are safe for children and pets, and if your Veri Shades become damaged, only the damaged panels need repairing or replacement. This is easier and more cost-effective than replacing the whole lot like you would have to with normal blinds or curtains.

Mal Glanville & Co stocks Veri Shades in a variety of colours and fabrics, so we’re bound to have options that suit your personal taste and home’s decor. For more information, contact us online, email sales@malglanville.com.au, or call (02) 4323 1500.

Veri Shades

Veri Shade Blinds for your Central Coast or Newcastle Home

If you are looking for something special in your Central Coast or Newcastle home, then we encourage you to consider Veri shade blinds. Give us a call to discuss whether this option is right for you.

Veri Shade blinds can enhance the look and feel of any space

Featuring the premium EOS® Helix Vertical Track system and soft Veri Shades fabric, the Veri Shades collection provides the perfect balance of style, durability and child safety features to complement any home residential or commercial application. Veri Shade blinds provide daytime privacy whilst allowing a soft view through. Easily adjust the level of privacy and light to suit your requirements by rotating the fabric vanes halfway. To block light, close the shades completely.

  • Ideal for large windows and sliding doors applications.
  • Combines the versatility of a vertical blind with the elegant appeal of a soft window furnishing.
  • Individually curved fabric vanes feature an alternating light filtering and room darkening fabric panel.
  • Rotate fabric vanes for sheer light control or total privacy.
  • Neatly stack blades to the left, right or split stack for an unobstructed view.
  • Features the Australian designed and developed EOS Helix Vertical Hardware System.
  • EOS Helix internal components have been cycle tested to last 10 years.
  • Available in two operating options: Traversing Wand and Chain& Cord.
  • 5 Year Warranty#

In the Central Coast, Newcastle and beyond? Contact our team about Veri Shade blinds

Want to find out more about our blinds? Call us today on (02) 4323 1500 and speak with one of our friendly staff at Mal Glanville & Co. to arrange an obligation free in-home consultation. We happily service Newcastle and all across the Central Coast.

Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetians Header

Aluminium Venetian Blinds For your Newcastle or Central Coast Home  

If you are looking for a way to enhance your office or home, then adding aluminium venetian blinds is a great way to do so. The beauty of these blinds is that you can add them to any space and immediately change the look and feel of the room, so whether you want to change the aesthetic of your office in Newcastle or modernise your Central Coast home, now is your chance!

Contact our team today for advice on choosing the right aluminium venetian blinds for you.

Freshen up the look of your property with aluminium venetian blinds

Aluminium venetian blinds are a wonderful investment, and you will not be disappointed with the range we have available. No matter what style your property is, we are sure that adding these blinds will help improve the overall look and feel. Some more information about our range:

  • A versatile product for manipulating light and privacy.
  • Practical for Glass Hinged Doors in office spaces.
  • Available in Slimline 25mm and 50mm slat sizes.
  • With a specially designed tilting mechanism to prevent the overturning and damage of the tilter.
  • Available in Standard colours and additional colours with special finishes.
  • Suitable for those that like to manipulate the light and create a room darkening experience.
  • Also available in a Uni wand operation for those that prefer no cords – established for child safety reasons.
  • Backed with a 5 Year Warranty

Want aluminium venetian blinds in your Newcastle or Central Coast home? Call us

If you are interested in knowing more our range of blinds, call us today on (02) 4323 1500. You can speak with one of our friendly staff at Mal Glanville & Co. and arrange an obligation free in-home consultation. We happily service Newcastle and all across the Central Coast.


Timber and Timberstyle Venetian Blinds


Ideal for heritage homes and traditional decorating schemes, our timber blinds include modern operating systems and are made from easy-care materials. Blending simple functionality with traditional aesthetics, they are available in a range of colours and lacquered timber finishes and can be colour co-ordinated to suit your interior. Timber Venetians are designed to manipulate the light and privacy to all windows. High-grade timber is used to minimise warping and splitting and they are resistant to the effects of UV rays and scratching.
  • Available in a range of Slat Sizes: 34mm, 46mm, 60mm & 85mm
  • A choice of Lacquered, Stained or Oiled finishes
  • Coordinated with Distinct Bottom Rail & Valance Design
Want to find out more?  Call us today and speak with one of our friendly staff to arrange an obligation free in home consultation.  


Timberstyle Venetian Blinds are a practical & affordable alternative to Timber Venetians. Timberstyle Venetians are manufactured with advanced Polystyrene Polymers creating a hardy product with a smooth or an embossed finish. Perfect for all windows with the benefits of manipulating light control and privacy.
  • Available in 50mm and 63mm slat size in a fantastic range of modern colours to suit any home décor.
  • Designed to not bow, warp or fade in direct sunlight
  • Available with 2 Stylish Valance options to finish the look.
  • Completely washable with no need for refinishing.
  • Perfect for all wet areas making them suitable for bathrooms & ensuites
Want to find out more?  Call us today and speak with one of our friendly staff to arrange an obligation free in home consultation.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds to Enhance Any Home in Newcastle, the Central Coast and Beyond

You can easily enhance the look and feel of any space with vertical blinds, whether you want to create more privacy in your Newcastle office or change the aesthetic of your Central Coast home, call us for a chat to discuss your options today.

Premium vertical blinds for all requirements

Mal Glanville & Co Vertical Blinds feature the EOS® Helix Vertical System. This system contains a wide range of operations and capabilities for smooth blind control and lighting flexibility.
  • Vertical Blinds offer a contemporary & practical headrail design
  • Control light and privacy easily using the option of Wand Control & Cord & Chain Operations
  • Available in 3 Blade Sizes: 127mm, 100mm or 89mm
  • Available with Chained weights to help keep the blinds uniform when tilting or drawing across or the option of Chainless Weights
  • Vertical fabric blades can be easily tilted to control natural light and desired level of privacy. Simply tilt the blades shut to offer total privacy with a block out fabric.
  • Vertical blinds can be easily stacked to the left, right, centre, or split stacked down the centre depending on your requirements. This is great for allowing full view through or access to the doors.
  • Available in a variety of block out or translucent fabrics in a wide range of colours and textures to suit your home interior style and needs.
  • Majority of Fabrics available are Flame Retardant with a Duragaurd coating making them mould and mildew resistant
  • Easy Maintenance: A Simple Wipe over on Most Fabrics

Want vertical blinds in your Newcastle of Central Coast home? Call us today

If you would like to know more our blinds, call us today on (02) 4323 1500. You can speak with one of our friendly staff at Mal Glanville & Co. and arrange an obligation free in-home consultation. We happily service Newcastle and all across the Central Coast.

Lumen Blinds

A soft look for all windows with a multipurpose singular blind giving both privacy and the ability to maintain your view.
  • Stylish componentry with a modern twist makes these new revolutionary blinds a must have in any home décor.
  • A unique head box finishes this blind neatly into any home or office.
  • Cord control with Child Safety or Battery Operated Motorisation enables a quality that fits any budget.
  • Smooth operation is created with the unique bottom rail promoting ease in operation.
  • UV and heat protection is a proven result of this designer delight
Want to find out more?  Call us today and speak with one of our friendly staff to arrange an obligation free in home consultation.