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Reasons Why Veri Shades Are Perfect For Your Home

Who doesn’t love the soft, graceful style of curtains? These draped window dressings are universally appreciated and can look good in any home, but unfortunately, they offer little control over how much light you’re letting in. They’re either open or closed, and there’s not much you can do about it.

Veri Shades are an innovative and sophisticated statement blind that pairs the functionality of a vertical blind with the gentle elegance of a curtain. They are ideal for windows of all shapes and sizes and are also an excellent solution for dressing sliding doorways and other large expanses. In this blog, Mal Glanville & Co explores the benefits of Veri Shades, both practical and aesthetic.

Best of both worlds

As mentioned above, Veri Shades offer both the attractive look of curtains and the ease of use as vertical blinds. The soft fabric of each panel hangs beautifully, and you can simply walk right through them, regardless of whether they’re opened or closed. There are no weights or connecting chains, meaning they sway out of the way easily and settle back into their original positions perfectly. This makes them perfect for creating a mellow window feature across openings of up to 6 metres.

Greater control over light and privacy

The versatile design of Veri Shades gives you the ability to effortlessly adjust your home’s light levels and visibility from the outside. Turning the wand one way rotates the translucent fabric panels to reduce UV rays, natural light and provide greater privacy, and the other way opens the mesh panels to allow more light through and to maintain your view. You can open Veri Shades halfway for filtered light or get full sunlight by drawing them all the way back like regular curtains.

Family-friendly and child-safe

No matter where your Veri Shades are going in your home, there are options for your lifestyle. Veri Shades are easy to clean and come in a range of moisture-resistant materials for bathrooms and fire-retardant fabrics for kitchens. Installation requires only a single track and the individual Fabric Panels. Cordless and chainless options are safe for children and pets, and if your Veri Shades become damaged, only the damaged panels need repairing or replacement. This is easier and more cost-effective than replacing the whole lot like you would have to with normal blinds or curtains.

Mal Glanville & Co stocks Veri Shades in a variety of colours and fabrics, so we’re bound to have options that suit your personal taste and home’s decor. For more information, contact us online, email, or call (02) 4323 1500.