Security Doors Central Coast

Keeping your property and household safe is a top priority. At Mal Glanville & Co, we supply high quality security doors in Gosford, Newcastle, Maitland as well as across the Central Coast designed with practicality and aesthetics in mind.

We can provide a professionally fitted solution to keep your home safe without detracting from your exterior design choices and style.

High-quality security door solutions

As a reputable local business based in Gosford, our Mal Glanville & Co team has the knowledge and expertise to help you find the right security door for your needs.

Whether you’re concerned about keeping your property safe from intruders or you’re worried about keeping insects out, we ensure you are paired with the best product for your needs.

Our friendly team works directly with you to decide on the best solution for your property. Whether you’d like to install security doors for the whole exterior or just for your main door, we can help.

Our security doors are chosen with functionality in mind, providing you with peace of mind while matching the style and finish of your home.

We are the only security door company on the Central Coast to offer the highest quality Amplimesh products.  Amplimesh Security Doors are both beautiful and secure, so you don’t have to compromise for your safety.

amplimsh doors

Amplimesh SupaScreen® Doors

Keep enjoying unobstructed views and maintain airflow with Amplimesh SupaScreen® Doors while upgrading your properties security.

Diamond Grille Amplimesh

Amplimesh 127 Diamond Grilles

Classic diamond grille security doors keeps the comfort of fresh air through your home along with the peace of mind of knowing your home is secured.

Amplimesh Intrudaguard

Amplimesh Intrudaguard® Grilles

Installing IntrudaGuard security screens protects your home while maintaining the streamlined appearance of a smooth mesh security screen.

colonial header

Colonial Castings Safety Doors

This Australian owned company has been producing quality safety screen panels in timeless designs for security doors for over 20 years.

Peace of mind for your home

Protecting your family and belongings is often top of mind as a homeowner on the Central Coast.

We want to ensure you feel as safe as possible, whether you’re at home at night or out at work during the day. Our team understands the challenges and security risks our customers can face, and we will always take the extra steps to help you feel safe in your own home.

If you’re concerned about leaving your property overnight or you’ve experienced a break-in previously, we will go above and beyond to find the right solution for you.

Peace of mind is our ultimate goal, and we use the best quality products and highest-rated security doors to help you feel confident every time you leave your property.

An Amplimesh SupaScreen installed on a patio on the Central Coast on the Central Coast

Security doors on the Central Coast that you can trust

When choosing a security door, you want an option that provides security and improves the safety of your home. We stock a range of styles to suit your personal preference, and we ensure every security door we provide meets the highest standards for reliability. 

You can trust our team to help you select the best security door to keep you and your family safe.

Customer-first service, always

Our expert team at Mal Glanville & Co puts the needs of our customers first in every service we offer. We work with you to create the ideal security door solution for your property.

With expertise in security screens, shutters and more, we can provide expert advice on the best options for your home.

Discuss your options with our experts today

Do you have any questions about the specific security needs for your property? Or are you ready to invest in security doors on the Central Coast?

Get in touch with our expert team directly today to discuss all of the options that we have available. Whether you’re looking for advice on the best options for you or are ready to upgrade your security today, we are here to assist you.