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Shop With Us For Interest-Free Payments

If you have little children at home, it is understandable that you will want to ensure the house is fully secure. We have a variety of security doors and screens that can protect your home from intruders, allowing children to play safely no matter which part of the house they are in.

When moving into a new house, a change of blinds or shutters can help switch up the interiors of your home instantly while making a new and unfamiliar place more comfortable. Depending on the number of windows in your home, material of blinds or type of shutters you choose, the cost can vary.

Financing solution for all the things you need

Whether you are looking to improve the security of your home or just looking for a change in window furnishing, Mal Glanville & Co has your back. We accept different modes of payment, including interest-free instalments that will come in handy when you don’t have spare cash lying around.

Get Humming at Mal Glanville & Co

Humm allows you to shop for whatever you need without getting charged any interest; zero, zilch, nothing! There are two types of payment category you can choose from. Whether it be a smaller purchase or a big-ticket item, you can opt to pay for them with Humm.

You get flexibility when you pay for your purchase with Humm. Choose from weekly or fortnightly repayments in 5 or 10 instalments when applying for up to $2000 credit. All you need is to repay all your instalments in full to free up your balance, giving you freedom to use your credits again.

Are you looking at a bigger purchase instead? Don’t worry; Humm has got your back! You can get pre-approval of up to $10,000 to spend, or simply apply in-store for up to $30,000 credit. Repayments are just as uncomplicated, allowing you to choose between 6, 12, 24, or all the way up to 60 months to complete.

How to get started

With Humm, you can be in control of your cash flow while still purchasing the things you need for your home. Simply inform a staff member at our West Gosford showroom that you will be paying with Humm. We will help you set up an account and apply for credit on the spot.

Whether you are interested in the premium window furnishings or security products from us, financing your purchase should not give you a big headache. Get in touch with Mal Glanville & Co at (02) 4323 1500 or come down to our showroom to learn more about our quality products today!