Will Blinds Keep Heat Out?


Those looking to keep sweltering Australian heat out have likely looked through a variety of options and have found many of them to be prohibitively expensive. One of the most affordable solutions, however, are humble window blinds.

How effective are they at keeping heat out, though? In this article, we investigate.

How Window Blinds Work To Keep You Cooler

Despite their simple design, window blinds can work quite well to block out heat during the Australian summer. This works through adjusting the slats in a way that best controls glare, light and a great deal of the resulting heat created by the sun.

If you choose horizontal blinds, it is also possible to angle them so that they reflect light onto your ceiling. This way, you’re still able to make the most of natural light as you diffuse the related heat. 

Will All Blinds Achieve The Same Result?

With so many options out there when it comes to blinds – particularly when it comes to the materials used – it’s hardly surprising that some window blinds perform better than others.

It is generally the case that bulky window blinds reduce heat much better than their slim counterparts. It is also the case that lighter blinds also reflect more heat, making them a superior choice when compared to darker shades.

Similarly, blackout roller blinds will do a better job than flimsier blinds at keeping out heat due to them basically being a solid sheet when down.

How Do Window Blinds Perform In Winter?

Although they do an admirable job of keeping out the heat in summer, blinds are usually less effective at keeping the warmth in during winter. This is because the slats of the blinds offer many points at which heat may be lost, but that shouldn’t suggest that all blinds are bad for heat retention during winter.

Honeycomb blinds are specifically designed to create a seal around to prevent heat loss during the colder months by trapping warm air in pockets for long periods of time.

Should You Invest In Insulating Blinds?

If you’re looking to keep cooler in summer, spending a little bit more on blinds that keep the heat out can help quickly drive your energy bill down. So, even if they might be a little bit more expensive now, sometimes the more expensive option pays for itself! To get your tailored quote for blinds, get in touch with the Mal Glanville & Co. team today.

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